Whole Reset

Functional Medicine Nutrition & Coaching Program


Are you looking to reboot your health but don’t know where to start?

Are you frustrated with trying one “diet” after another and not seeing sustainable health improvements?

Learn root-cause resolution and go beyond treating symptoms to building health.


If you want to boost health and vitality and learn how to keep it going for the long run, this program is for you!

  • Understand how your food choices influence your physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Make sense out of complex or conflicting health information
  • Harness the power to heal using personalized diet and lifestyle strategies
  • Identify nutrient deficiencies, genetic weaknesses, root causes of disease, environmental triggers, therapeutic targets, prevention strategies
  • Establish a roadmap to wellness, cultivate healing, self-advocacy, resiliency
  • Realize lasting solutions to long-standing health issues

Discover the Power of Functional Medicine Nutrition + Health Coaching

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The Whole Reset Program Includes:


  • 3 Functional Medicine Nutrition Counseling sessions with Sue Bentsen, MS, CN, RN.
  • 8 Functional Medicine Health Coaching sessions with Shelley Myers, MS, RN, FMCHC.
  • A comprehensive review (1-2 hours) of your intake questionnaire, existing labs (within last 6 months), toxin exposure, medical symptoms, nutrition assessment and health goals by Sue & Shelley to prepare for your initial session.
  • Functional Medicine Matrix & Timeline Development (Learn more about Functional Medicine HERE) Copies will be provided for your records along with summary report(s) to share with your medical provider(s).
  • Access to the FxHealth Wellness Portal (HIPAA compliant): secure messaging, video consults, document sharing, goal setting, food tracking (optional)  Unlimited email and messaging support.
  • Detailed nutritional supplement review and recommendations.
  • Access to and discounts on high-quality, practitioner-grade nutritional supplements via the Fullscript online dispensary.
  • Biomarker & Genetic / Genomic Testing: based on our assessments and information that you provide, the appropriate lab testing will be recommended. Some testing can be obtained directly from the lab or through us (labs are an additional cost) Some can be obtained from your medical provider if you choose that route.
  • 3-month free subscription to Food Matters TV.


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Book now for your complimentary 20-minute consultation.

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Additional Information

Invest in your health


Your investment in the program is $975.  Lab testing and nutritional supplements are additional costs.  If you’re interested in getting started but need a payment plan, please ask us and we will provide you with some options.

Additional lab testing available

Tier I  — Complements nutritional assessment and biochemistry associated with cardiovascular and mental-emotional health, metabolism, and hormone metabolism:
-Micronutrient Analysis including omega check, and antioxidant status. (Spectracell $190)
-Cardiometabolic biomarkers ($45)
-Hormone testing ($45) Hormone metabolism (DUTCH – $300)
-Functional Thyroid plus Adrenal panel ($45)

Tier II  — More advanced/targeted assessments related to gastrointestinal imbalances, detoxification pathways, neurologic function, etc:
-Heavy Metals testing ($varies approx)
-Stool Analysis ($345)
-Food Allergy/Sensitivity testing (avg $275)
-Organic Acids testing utility in assessing underlying metabolic imbalances affecting neurotransmitters, nutrient uptake, etc. ($300)


Should I inform my physician that I am participating in this program?

It is recommended that you inform your physician and/or medical provider(s) when participating in any health improvement programs so that they can advise for or against your participating based on your unique health and medical situation. You will receive a letter that you can share with them that will detail the structure and goals of the program and request that they sign off on your participation.

Genomics studies the interactions of DNA and the environment. Identifying and evaluating small genetic variations called SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms, can provide clinicians with more information than ever before. By knowing a person from the inside out, a clinician can create personalized health strategies that are specifically tailored to a person’s unique genetic and biochemical needs.

Please let us know if you’re interested in learning more about the Genoma International Test Panels and how your results can complement the Whole Reset Program.

Whole Reset Program