Whole Reset

Functional Medicine Health Coaching Group Program

Are you looking to reboot your health but don’t know where to start? Are you frustrated with trying one “diet” after another and not seeing sustainable health improvements?

Get to the “root cause” of your health issues. Learn root-cause resolution and go beyond treating symptoms.

If you want to boost health and vitality and learn how to keep it going for the long run, this program is for you!

  • Learn to identify and address the root cause of your health issues leveraging coaching, tools, and principles from Functional Medicine & Nutrition.
  • Learn how to optimize gut health and how the health of the gut impacts our physiology and inflammatory state
  • Prepare for and participate in the Whole30 health reset program as a group
  • Participate with others on the same journey who offer unique ideas, encouragement and support along the way

8 Weeks to Better Health – Here’s What You Get

Whole30 Hardcopy Books and Digital Files included. FoodMattersTV(FMTV) – 3 month subscription to FMTV

Live Q&A and small group functional medicine health coaching sessions via Phone and Video Chats

Group health coaching plus individual support and guidance via secure messaging

Pre and Post Challenge Wellbeing Assessments to measure progress
Fun weekly prize drawings for healthy food products or additional months of FMTV and other subscriptions
Private Facebook group for duration of the challenge then access to private alumni group for continued support and learning

There will be LIVE group sessions for Q&A and discussion each week.

Participate via phone or video to ask questions, share your experience and get support from the group.  

Exact days and times will be determined closer to program start .

The Whole Reset Program:

  • is based on coaching, tools, and principles used in Functional Medicine & Nutrition
  • is run by a Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition health coach
  • is a group health coaching program that is dynamic and interactive
  • is educational and guided, yet personalized to each participant
  • helps you to reboot your gut and the roots of overall health and vitality
  • focuses on whole, clean, nutrient-dense, cooking and eating, as well as increasing your movement and improving your mindset
  • includes a 30-day health reset diet –  the Whole30 (hardcopy books and digital files included)
  • includes a variety of valuable tools and resources to help you along the way

The Whole Reset Program is not:

  • an individual health coaching or medical program and does not replace your medical providers and their expert opinions for what is best for your health
  • here to promote a specific diet or eating style such as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low-carb, ketogenic, etc… It is best to work with your nutritionist and/or medical provider to assess your specific and personal dietary needs and include or exclude various foods or food groups based on professional recommendations. During this program, we will focus on clean, whole, nutrient-dense, phyto-diverse foods and remove foods that typically cause issues such as inflammation, low energy, and not feeling your best

Invest in Your Health

Coming Fall 2017

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The Whole Reset Group Program Fall 2017

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Weekly Details

  • Pre-Program Wellbeing Assessment & Survey
  • Program Details and Agreements
  • READ: Whole 30 Part-1,
  • *OPTIONAL* – It Starts With Food Parts 1, 2
  • Introduction to the Whole Reset Group Wellness Program
  • READ: Whole 30 Part-1
  • *OPTIONAL* – It Starts With Food Parts 1, 2
  • Whole30 – PREP
  • Weekly Challenge
  • READ: Whole 30 Parts- 2, 3
  • *OPTIONAL* – It Starts With Food Parts 3, 4, 5
  • Week’s Topics: Functional Medicine & Nutrition, Creating Your Personalized Health Timeline & Matrix
  • Whole30 – PREP
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Whole30 – week 1 (begins on August 1)
  • Watch: Restoring GI Function the Functional Medicine Way — and– Clean Eating for Gut Health (FMTV)
  • Week’s Topics: Gut Health 101
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Whole30 – week 2
  • Watch: Prevention and Restoration of Gut Function — and– Gluten’s Effect on Digestion, Gut, and Brain (FMTV)
  • Week’s Topics: The Gut & Inflammation
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Whole30 – week 3
  • Watch: The Secret to Healthy Energy Metabolism and Weight Loss — and– Heal Your Gut (FMTV)
  • Week’s Topics: Metabolism & Body Composition
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Whole30 – week 4
  • Watch: The Gut-Brain Connection — and– Stress Reduction & Emotional Healing (FMTV)
  • Week’s Topics: Stress & Emotions
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Whole30 – reintroduction week
  • Watch: Personalized Lifestyle Medicine in the 21st Century (FMTV)
  • Week’s Topic: The Empowered Patient
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Whole30 – reintroduction week
  • Week’s Topic: Maintaining a strong foundation for lasting health and vitality
  • Post-Program Wellbeing Assessment & Survey
  • Program Wrap-Up

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weekly structure of the program?

There will be small group coaching and discussion sessions each week via Zoom conference. You can choose to join via video conference or phone only (but video is preferred) The discussion and weekly challenges will be based on the week’s topic, reading, and presentations. Participants will receive weekly email updates and also support via the private Facebook group and secure messaging via the HIPAA secure online portal.

How many participants will be in my peer group?

Prior to the program start, you will be given several day and time options to choose from for the weekly coaching and discussion sessions. You will then be assigned to small groups consisting of 8-10 participants based on your day and time preferences.

What if I’m unable to join during my regular weekly session?

Although it is best to stick with your assigned small group, you can request to join another group at a different time if you’re unable to make your scheduled session. You can send me a message requesting the alternate session for that week.

Should I inform my physician that I am participating in this program?

It is recommended that you inform your physician and/or medical provider(s) when participating in any health improvement programs so that they can advise for or against your participating based on your unique health and medical situation. You will receive a letter that you can share with them that will detail the structure and goals of the program and request that they sign off on your participation.

Measure and learn about your KEY health biomarkers and how you can improve them.

**Optional but Recommended**

EverlyWell Convenient At-Home Health Testing

At-home sample collection ** Tests ordered by you ** Easy to understand results

Measure pre-program for a baseline or measure pre and post-program for a baseline and to track improvements.  If you prefer to do a similar panel elsewhere (i.e. your physician office, at a lab) guidance can be provided.

Recommended Markers: Hba1c, Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglyceride, hs-CRP, Vit D, Thyroid, Sleep & Stress

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Coming Fall 2017

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